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Exclusive Free Training From Dr. Iris F. Perkins
“Healing Your Soul Through Forgiveness”

Quickly forgive anyone regardless of how you feel.
Your emotional & physical health, and the opportunity for
potentially wholesome relationships is counting on it.

Join This Training Webinar and Discover:

  • 3 Myths About Forgiveness
  • ​3 Ways People  Forgive
  • ​When Is The Best Time To Forgive
  •  The Effects Of Not Forgiving Others
  • ​The Importance Of Healing Your Soul Wounds With Forgiveness

"When I first signed up for this course I was skeptical how forgiveness could possibly make that much of a difference in my life but I was ready. I must confess, after the first session, I felt 100% better and so free that I wanted to forgive anybody for anything! It was life-changing for me!" 

Trina G. 

"I did not want to hear anything about forgiveness but I tried it anyway. To my amazement, I slept better that night than I had in a long time. 
I felt so good inside after releasing the anger 
and resentment that I had against someone 
as if a weight had fallen off my shoulders." 

Cynthia P.

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